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The Ventriloquist

4.50 euro
The Ventriloquist-Vaseline and dust

A1-Vaseline and dust A2-Lekh(for gg) B1-Aereolinas Argentinas B2-Underwater Encounters  
About one year after the release of his first ep, Amb. (bit04), Mirco Uguccioni, creative mind of the duo Rolf & Fonky, is back with his solo project called The Ventriloquist. Vaseline and Dust is quite different from Amb. thanks to a more melodic and rhythmic approach. Vaseline and Dust opening track is its title track, a true masterpiece of this ep, with its circular and fascinating atmospheres. Then we have Lekh (for gg), a track that's quite ambient and night-like, where the melody is quite strange and captivating at the same time. Aereolinas Argentinas and Underwater Encounter balance to perfection themore rhythmic and melodic side of the ep. This new ep is witness to mirco uguccioni' skill in creating sounds that are really original. absolutely not to be missed.


A1 Vaseline and dust
A2 Lekh (for gg)
B1 Aereolinas Argentinas
B2 Underwater encounter
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