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Andy Vaz

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Andy Vaz-Lost & Recovered data

After his recent full length Album debut: “Repetitive Moments Last Forever”, Andy Vaz returns with his latest 12” showing the undeniable connection between “Minimal Techno” and “Deep House”, sneaking in with a deep, impressive, almost old-school sounding, groove. The 3 tracks follow the demands of the club-situation as well as being unique in Vaz’s typical sound signature, yet heading towards a new direction. The tracks are not even slightly clicks and cuts flavoured, not even that fragmented really, just Killer deep house music, with a dark edqe to it. “Dark Patterns” on the A-Side is a long, slow up-building slightly dark in it’s overall mood, re-freshing house-tune, perfectly arranged to make the piece dense, rhythmic and interesting. Full of idea’s, all perfectly jammed together into a long floating mix which gives you a lot of choices and lots of different ideas to experience. Side B features two tracks, which are melodic, strong grooving DJ friendly house tracks with an more optimistic feel which definitely demonstrate Vaz’s strong connection to the early house-music movement. The EP is entitled as “The lost and re-covered Data EP”, as during the process of finishing the project, the tracks were partially lost during a hard-drive crash and had to be re-covered and re-edited.


A1 Dark Changing Patterns
B1 New Horizons
B2 Mild October Days If you desire to buy mp3 of Persistencebit/Yore release from today you can.You only have to contact us to Mp3 price of each track is only 0,99 eur.This promotion is valid until 31/12/2009.
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