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Meditations for a better world vol.1-12Ep-bit015

Wang Inc.

Bartolomeo Sailer is born in Vipiteno (Italy) 1971. He is known mostly as WANG INC. Legends say he has experimented digital sampling since the beginning of the ´90s, has played in a rock and roll band at the middle of the ´90s and has djed in radio and clubs all trough the ´90s. In the year 1999 he publishes his first record with the label SONIG owned and directed by Mouse on Mars. Since them he has participated to several compilations and has published an album with the French label BIP-HOP. His musical mission is to bring the sounds of musique concrete in to the dance music culture and vice versa. His favourite sounds are the sounds of every day: “every object we use has a sound that can bee wonderful if you listen to it carefully”. Right now he has published the album “Woods Roads” for the San Francisco based label CONTEXT FREE MEDIA that is distributed by KOMPAKT. He has also worked with Saul Saguatti at the realization of a video to present his new album “Woods Roads” and to bee live performed by Saul vj at each Wang inc. concert giving to his music a new dimension full of lyrical poetry. Right now he is working on a new album called “Six Meditations for a Better World” and is searching for a label to publish it. Has also finished to work on the project Ende with his friend Andrea Alessandro Di Carlo. In 2005 he has made a remix for Roy Pacis project Corleone pubblischer on cd and has made a special limited (300 copies) cd called Poly Sonic. Has also worked around Italy with the workshop Fotorama, teaching people how to approach computer music. He has also collaborated or played with: Vincenzo Vasi, Fx Randomix, Lucio Morelli, Nicola Negrini, Dimitri from nowhere, Amarcord, Roy Paci, Gianni Gebbia, Mat Pogo, Carlo Actis Dato, Stefano Giust.

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