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Welcome along to the first release on Persistencebit Records by Kikko
Solaris & Salvo Dub. The guys from Catania (Sicily) exchange their beats and
join forces for a new sound which finds it\'s roots in Funky, Minimal, Deep
and Electro. With this release our boys provide a serious and essential 12".
"Re-Freezer" is one of the tracks where you can be sure that at least one DJ
in a club comes to the boot asking you what it is. It shows their
open-minded attitude and the ability to get the driving groove working also
on Funky and Eclectic tune. The track is fresh and original. "In Da
Beginning" is a minimal and electro tune. It is a very uplifting
and at the same time very deep tune. "Collision Globe" is a massive Electro
Tune which turns into a deep and emotive but at the same time very stormy
vibe. It\'s just a great Single which has found massive support already. The
boys are fuelled for the future and their talent will hopefully help to
establish their very distinguished musical taste and style. Music with
attitude, personality and an individual approach.

Kikko Solaris & S.Dub



Producer-DJ and one of the pioneers of electronic music in Catania
(Sicily/IT), he spent his childhood in Rome (at the age of seven, he already
collected promos in vinyl, thanks to the friendship of his father with the
Italian famous Renzo Arbore). Kikko Solaris is considered one of the purest
talents coming out from the Italian electronic scene of these last years. He
has distinguished himself for a class and a depth who have proclaimed him
one of the most careful and innovating reality of the Italian panorama. He
started spinnin\' records in the early eighties alongside lots of worldwide
known names in the sphere of house music. Besides his interest in DJing, he
also played punk and rock, also electronic sounds on his DX7 IIFD keyboard
and Atari STFM 1040 in a 80\'s band. The fact had a major impact on his
musical choices and widen his horizons from than on, confirming his great
talent and passion for anti-conformism. Being an impressive technician on
the turntables, combining every possible sound in an awesome way, he is also
known by his unique productions. Known and appreciated by the best
international clubs, from Ibiza to London, Amsterdam and Paris, he created,
together with the talented musician-composer Luigi Barone, "The Solbaron"
crew, a project for DJ-producers which won the Elettro Wave 2003, the
electronic session of the Arezzo Wave Love Festival (the most important
Music Festival in Italy!). After the single \'Tab-Lab\', appreciated by the
best Italian and foreign producers for the originality and the sounds
contained in it, the last single by The Solbaron \'Seven\' (Ondanomala
Records) was appreciated by the best international producers. For 6 years he
had the direction of the "Club Culture" session of the Centre for
Contemporary Arts and Cultures - Zo in Catania, in console with the best
Italian and foreign DJs. Every Tuesdays on Radio Sis best FM in Sicily, the
present sound by Kikko Solaris is an eclectic mix of deep and electro tunes,
nu-jazz sounds and broken beat. Now, Kikko Solaris has completed his EP
(with S.Dub) which will be out at the end of September 2007 on
Persistencebit Records. He\'s resident DJ (montly) and co-organizer @ Mercati
Generali in Catania


Die-hard producer Salvo Dub, mind of Koom.h, Sicilian project manned
together to DJ\'s Salvo Borrelli and Massimo Napoli, resident DJ at Mercati
Generali in Catania. They unify their different musical taste giving life to
an original sort of future jazz style, from old school to techno... Their
debut "Koom.h" album was published now by Big Sur Recordings (label by
Stefano Ghittoni) a sub label of Schema Records and Family Affair
Distribution in Milan. The Koom.h album is one of the best records on the
Soulseduction CD chart.

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