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Spectre (12") Toys For Boys Records 2005
Mondo Guasto (12") Aesthetik Records 2006
Something In My Drink (File, MP3) Sushitech Digital 2006
The Spin Of Thought EP (12") Sushitech 2006
Society Disorder (File, MP3) Autist 2007
The Waiting Game ep (File, MP3) Kreatur Musik (2008)
Highway ep (12") Aesthetik Records (2008)
To be expected:
Taking The Next Cloud (+Sven Weiseman remix) Seventh Sign Recs, June 2008
Wee Funk ep (+Russ Gabriel & Lerosa remixes) Mowar, June 2008
Ferox ep, end 2008
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Franco Cangelli

I chose the path of the underground. What does this mean? It means that I still have a day-job (or looking for one) and that I\'m not in it for fame and fortune, although I have a secret desire to... well it\'s a secret right?
I\'m just a guy with some equipment at home, making a few tracks. My main influences as a producer are primarily Detroit techno, Chicago house and anything weird, dark experimental such as Aphex Twin or Autechre. This makes my releases somewhat a melting pot of various influences. You remember the hybrid cars in South Park? Well, I make hybrid techno (or half-breed house...). Feel free to check my discography to get an idea.
I also dj. Yes I still use vinyl... Contrary to what many people may expect, more than half of my record collection consists of experimental electronica or ambient. I never bring those records with me to gigs. I don\'t think the average clubber would go apeshit when hearing an abstract or dark twisted Autechre tune... So for dance floors I usually I play a mix of quality house and techno. A bit of Detroit, a bit of Chicago, a bit of minimal techno, a bit of deep house... remember the hybrid cars I mentioned above?
Did I mention I run labels? Well... I do. I run Aesthetik Records with Dj AkÓ, through which we try to release quality edgy techno. I started Mowar recently where I will release some deep techno. I don\'t run labels for money. I do it to provide a platform for some of my own stuff and to give the opportunity to other talented producers to show what they\'re made of.
Where did this all come from? Well... when I was about 8, I saw people spinning on their heads and making their bodies pop. It was called break dance. Being a kid I was all hyped and started practicing. But it\'s the music from those days (early 80\'s) like hip hop (never mind 50 Cent), electro (and for fuck\'s sake never mind what people call electro today...) and a boogie kind of black pop music that planted a seed in my poor brain. \'Space was the place\' and still is today. If it wasn\'t for The Jonzun Crew, who knows what would have become of me... The rest is history, new beat, acid house, Jack, Detroit, R&S, Afx, Autechre, Technics, ...

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