Persistence Bit


Nasty Boy young Italian producer overlooks the scene House in 1997 initially attending clubs of his City.
A couple of years later decides with a group of friends to create a small project
that will make the protagonist of some of the most important festivals of its area.
In May of 2006 arrived at the console of Gotha Fashion club as a guest DJ for a number of party night .
In September of that year decided to take the road of production.
His first release under the pseudonym "AbsolutPunk" will be published on a small Italian label.
Since then the step is short to a series of productions Techno / electronic and collaborations with other label.
Concluded the project called AbsolutPunk, continues its path with a new project Techno / Minimal, and under a new pseudonym "Nasty Boy",
with which in less than a year has collected two vinyl release issued by the following labels:
Persistencebit, Flicker Rhithm Music.

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