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First aid course-12Ep-vazbit001

People inside/outside-12Ep-vazbit007

Live in detroit-Cd-vazbit008

Repetitive moments last forerever-cd-vazbit009

Lost & recovered data-12Ep-vazbit010

Remixes by J. Jelinek, Krikor, A. Shakir-12Ep-vazbit011

Way back when-12Ep-vazbit012

Endings & Beginnings 12EP-vazbit013

Andy Vaz

Andy Vaz comes from Dusseldorf, Germany. Andy is both manager and curator of Background Records, and he\'s also regarded as one of the pillars of the contemporary electronic scene. Starting in 2000 Andy Vaz became a producer, a career that cuminated in the series of 12” titled “Sounds Variation”. For Persistencebit he has recorded a 12” titled First Aid Course. Starting in 2005 Persistencebit created for Andy Vaz the series Vazbit, dedicated exclusively to the artist; hence, two records of stunning beauty : the 12” titled People Inside/Outside and the CD Live in Detroit

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