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Alessandro Bocci was born in 1967 in Viareggio, but moved to Massa few days later. He started singing in some local punk bands. His first experience with creating music was playing the turntables. Between 1990 and 1995 he worked as a dj in the early important electronic events in Italy. In 1991 he became a regular member of Starfuckers. During 1993/1994 formed the M16, a free techno improvisation project. In 2004 M-16 became a solo electronic project. He is a sound engineer and broadcast engineer as well. He has carried out some eletronic and experimental performances, some of these are: Chants thermiques with Michael Moglia (Torino 1999), Sewing Machine System - Fabrizio Usberti (Bologna - Distorsonie 2002), Live for Sinaspi with Mike Dred (UK) – William Chelou (FR) – Strek Atzmo (IT) (Bologna - Distorsonie 2004) – Single unit of beauty with Donnachie/Simionato (Australia) (Bologna –Netmage 2006) – Conduction “” with Lowrence D. Butch Morris ensemble (U.S.A/IT) (Bologna – Angelica Festival 2006) – 40bpm track at Dissonanze ( Roma – Dissonanze 2006) Alessandro Bocci\'s electronic techniques: Alessandro starts to use turntables in 1990. In the same year he introduces some standard electronic machines, such as analog synths and samplers, and unusual instruments like the wavemeter. Around 1995 he develops the resource of the mixer, so to use it as a proper instrument. He has been influenced by the writer William Burroughs\' cut-up technique. He uses this technique to play the mixer and he uses sound and silence to create a primitive and percussive music. in 1998 he starts to use computer for electronic recording and electronic treatment. Discography: M16 "Archive sessions vol 1" Persistencebit 2005 Sinistri “Free Pulse” Hapna 2005 Starfuckers “Infinitive Sessions” Dbk Works2002 Starfuckers “Infrantumi” Lessness/ Drunken Fish 1997/98 Starfuckers “Sinistri” Underground Records 94

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