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1-Untitled 2-Rock on 3-Pescado 4-Pescado reshaped 5-Loop01 6-Lavoro 7-Deep iceland

smbp is the Italian producer duo Gianluca Foglino & Stefano Baroffio, who released on Klicktexture and Barfog before and might also be known to some for their quality events at Club010, which keeps bringing an amazing circuit of international electronic musicians to Italy.
On "the untitled album" their music dives deep into the world of Dub. Beautiful melancholic synth lines spicked with echo\'s and underwater alike sound-scapes, added by lush and smooth rhythms, create an optimistic listening pleasure suitable for various occasions. The Sound which is sure influenced, but developed further into a 2007 asthethic, by Basic Channel, manages to create an suberb listening aura in their very own style. The undeniable connection to the Berlin sound of the maurizio and
rhythm & sound camp, are more to be seen as being suttle hints - then a copy and paste imitation process and stand out on its own.

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