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Rolf & Fonky


The latest release from Persistencebit headquarters, comes with a killer single-sided, single-track EP, serving the brilliant Donnacha Costello Remix of "Cobra" by Rolf and Fonky (Italian DJs and producers Mirco Uguccioni and Maurizio Ottavi). And Donnacha does it again, what he does best - delivering strong low-riding techno grooves. Costello, who is no stranger to the electronic music world, with his sought after releases on Mille Plateaux, Releases on Kompakt & his Colour Series on his own Minimise imprint, brings as fine echoing claps over a steam-driven shuffle move, letting the intensity escalates when a house feel seeps into the track\'s hammering pulse, after which a gradual wind-down brings the lights down to help ease the hooded snake to sleep on this remix. The Track is a pure dance floor sweeper in full effect, cut and mastered for optimal dj friendly use.

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