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Wang Inc.


A1-You are late A2-Hyperactive dog B1-Mind the gap B2-Lake Michigan B3-This is a song to say goodbye

Persistencebit returns with the follow up ep of "Wang Inc\'s" Meditations for a Better World" series, which first part on Persistencebit has been highly acclaimed and has been given incredible reviews, such as in De.Bug magazine among many others. Previously on Sonig, Bip-Hop, and Context, he now re- appears with number two of the series and once you start listening you will know it all makes sense, given how close in spirit Wang Inc.\'s fresh fusion of experimental treatments and funk-house grooves is laid down. Throughout the EP, Wang speckles his fabulous metal machine music with rolling bass lines, high-stepping beats, and brilliant splashes of synthetic colour, whether it\'s the pounding stepper "Mind The Gap" or the pulsating future-funk of "You Are Late." A near-perfect fusion of experimental and dance musics, "Hyperactive Dog" splatters its house-inflected steam-roller with showers of whirr and click, and animates it with snares that hit so hard they could chop your head off. In the closer track "This Is The Song To Say Goodbye" he brings us electronic noise and beat madness to round things up and create a diverse sounding listening experience.

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