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Persistencebit inaugurates 2009 with a two-track single by Mufo (Andrea Di Francesco, born in Vasto, Italy and musically educated in Bologna) with a new 12" Release, that perfectly fits the labels philosophy, which is bringing rich and modern electronic music with a club-feel to the audiences. Mufo has also garnered attention a few years ago with his C.L.A.U.D.I.A. 12-inch for Kompakt\'s K2 imprint, and sounds set to do so again with Colors. Anything but monochromatic, "One Color" opens with stripped-down, tech-house swing before adding shuffling pulses and melodic accents that are both jittery and robotic. Working itself up to a skittish, metronomic broil, the track exudes an android relentlessness that\'s offset by repeated change-ups. On the B-side, Di Francesco brings the funk on "Two Colors," six minutes of swizzling electro-techno whose palette is anything but muted. The tune squawks and sputters like some incessantly sneezing synthesizer apparatus in what could pass for a fractured 23rd-century techno take on zydeco. With this release in hands, it\'s again proven without a doubt, that Persistencebit continues the global hunt for quality. Don\'t miss.

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