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Mario Masullo/Glitches


A1-Arabtrap B1-S & S B2-Plasmadreams

Persistencebit is ready to pimp it big time, with two Italians (who do it better as we already know anyways ...) Mario Masullo & Glitches who deliver a pure particle riot on their "Pimps ride free" Ep. The Kids (Mario Masullo from Rome and Glitches Peepz from Naples) without a doubt know what they are doing on this strong as it get\'s 3 track ep. The message is raw driving techno with an orchestral feel and an overall extra ordinary hypnotizing Mood that really breaks away from the norm and will leave the dancer behind thirsty for more. While the A-Side is more on the Techy driving side of things, combining Orchestral Sounds for creating a very quite unusual vibe , B1 goes even deeper in Hypnotizing your ears and fucking with your brains, real phsychotic dancefloor madness is the key here. B2 then heads back to the melodic side of the game, without forgetting to keep a strong eye on an intense dance-floor aspect here also. Melodies so sweet and clean keep flirting with your ears on this one and
It\'s just all so well put together, that it manages to keep an minimal feel, eventhough its filled with so many idea\'s and great sound details, that it simply leaves us behind speechless and answers the question why our new Pimps, sure ride for free at the same time..

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