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Franco Cangelli


Texture series Vol7!! As the title of Franco Cangelli\'s (head of Mowar) new ep suggests, it\'s all about blending the raw aspect of dance-floor grooves with the deeper emotional side of the spectrum. \'Denizen\' combines elegant and funky SH-101 riffs with dreamy pads and old skool 909 beats. The title track \'Raw Emotion\' can easily be summed up as jacking beats, \'Larry Heard\' bassline, deep detroit strings and dbx-like bleeps. In other words, all the essentials of machine funk! A floor filler without a doubt, both summing up the essentials of techno with a hint of oldskool. On the flipside, \'Just Before Dawn\' is a stripped down house groove with smooth rolling beats, suggestive chords and funky goodies. \'Who Stole The Soul\' throws raw beats and a deep bassline at you, but is mellowed down by Rhodes chords and sweet melodic deep house in a Glenn Underground style.



Some important feedbacks:


Melancholic Detroit techno, the best description to \'Raw Emotion\', my favourite track on this ep!
Angel Molina

".....Another quality 4 tracker from one of my favourite producers. It\'s very hard to pick a favourite. An excellent EP all round. Will play for sure. Full support!..." Russ Gabriel

Dj 3000 (Motech): I like the side a song "Denizen" is really funky lead
on this one! Good work!!
Lerosa (Real Soon, Uzuri): It\'s a nice EP, it reminded me of the early
Norken tracks on Beau Monde, melodic panoramic techno, especially the
title track and Denizen.
Russ Gabriel: An absolute top quality ep. Exactly what you\'d expect from
Franco and from this quality label. Denizen is an absolute killer.
Angel Molina: Melancholic Detroit techno, the best description to \'Raw
Emotion\', my favourite track on this ep!
Dave Mothersole: another nice release, good stuff
Chymera (Ovum, NRK): \'Who stole the soul\' is a sweet little track...
Dominic Cappello (Seventh Sign, Sub Club, Glasgow): great music for true
lovers of house and techno...
Tomaz (Studio Brussel Switch radio): Another great release by Franco.
Just checked him as one of the names to watch in 2009. This EP confirms
that belief. Deep soulful techno all the way! Full support and airplay
Andrew Duke (Cognition Audioworks Canada): Top quality tracks, just the
way I love \'em: raw, but deep and full of soul. Bangin\' all 4 of them
regularly in the mix. More like this please!

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