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Restless And Disturbed, Songs Of Mainia


A1.Endareged Emergencies B1-Don\'t worry about them B2-My fucked up love

[a]pendics shuffle aka Kenneth J. Gibson aka Eight Frozen Modules and known under more aliases, developed a varied but distinct style of groundbreaking quirky and jittery technoid grooves. His releases on his own Adjunct imprint, Orac Records or Mo Ferry just to name a few clearly show his refined and surprisingly gentle quirky funk. His first appearance on Persistencebit dates back to 2006 and he\'s back with a vengeance! Endangered Emergencies shows a deeper side of [a]pendics shuffle, a pad-driven house track with voice snippets and a basic yet most efficient rhythm. The linearity works addictively and culminates into bell sounds that urgently remind you to move your tush! "Don\'t Worry About Them" takes you into a funkier alley. The groove is again an addictive affair that will have you glued to the dancefloor. The vocal "keep it simple and don\'t worry about them" says it all. You need to move, you need to give up on your mind! Just take it all in and let the computer funk take over your circuitry. Finally, the tom percussion on "My Fucked up Love" instantly set the tone. You\'ll have to dig deep in your primitive mind and let it guide you to the tribal rhythms and hypnotic interaction of sounds and spontaneous body movements. If computers had tribal gatherings, you\'d be likely to hear this tune over their cyber camp fire.

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